Welcome to the Brutus Verse

Welcome to the BrutusVerse where the ideas of Brutus come to being.

In the beginning, there was Brutus…

On the first day Brutus created a fantasy, and then he fapped… (Actually it was pretty much simultaneous, both fapping and fantasizing at the same time).

After fapping several more times, the second day came around and he fantasized some more…

This cycle continues on for many, many, many, many more days, years, decades…

Then Brutus discovered a Software Program for helping him convert the fantasies in his mind, into viewable form… Daz3D, a program where you can create your own 3D art.

Now between fap sessions, he creates 3D “art” (at least that’s what we’ll call it for now”. And now this “art” finds its way to your screen if you dare to view it! (If you value your sanity, you may wish to leave this site now!)

While were building content be sure to visit our video tube where you can watch lots of free porn content. We have all kinds of videos: anime and hentai, blowjob, anal, Asian, Latina, ebony, lesbian, teen, girlfriend and more.

Of course, now that he’s seen that, Brutus will be taking a break to, uhm… make sure the videos are playing correctly, yeah… that’s it… will be right back… (fap, fap, fap!!!)

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