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Federation Peace Talks

Looks like all that was needed to get the Andorians and the Vulcans on the same page…

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Young Elf And The Troll

This troll is having a nice stroll through the woods when he comes upon a young elven…

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Elven Captives Of Creatures

This set of elven lovelies had the misfortune of being captured by several of their ancestral enemies….

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Bat Teen Heroine

In these set of images, I was trying out some texture on a batgirl outfit. It worked…

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Scared Pantyless Schoolgirl

Here are some of my very first renders ever created. This is the Aiko 4 character wearing…

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Got Skeletons

Don’t think you would want to run into these skeletons if they were in your closet, or…

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Two Sexy Elves Taken By Minotaurs

Sticking with the Minotaur theme from my previous post, I came across some more images of minotaurs…

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Fantasy Themed Contest 2015

Here are images from another contest I participated in at Renderotica. This was a fantasy themed contest….

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Alien Invasion Contest 2015

Here are a few images that I created for’s Alien Invasion Contest back in June of…

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