Category: Inter-Racial

Images and stories involving different races such as humans and elves.

Federation Peace Talks

Looks like all that was needed to get the Andorians and the Vulcans on the same page…

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The Werewolf Orgy

A couple of wolf-men have a good time with two sexy ladies. Black beauty Aura and Asian…

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Young Elf And The Troll

This troll is having a nice stroll through the woods when he comes upon a young elven…

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Elven Captives Of Creatures

This set of elven lovelies had the misfortune of being captured by several of their ancestral enemies….

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G3F Model Cadence

Cadence is one of my favorite models. Gorgeous face and rockin body, it is easy to see…

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Two Sexy Elves Taken By Minotaurs

Sticking with the Minotaur theme from my previous post, I came across some more images of minotaurs…

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Fantasy Themed Contest 2015

Here are images from another contest I participated in at Renderotica. This was a fantasy themed contest….

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Alien Invasion Contest 2015

Here are a few images that I created for’s Alien Invasion Contest back in June of…

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