If you get even the slightest enjoyment of the “ahem” art posted on this site, why not toss a few coins our way. This might just keep a roof over my cave or provide a bowl of porridge so I don’t starve.


Who knows it might even be used to buy better equipment which could lead to better art, or whatever it is that is showcased on


Bitcoin: 3MKG1NGmQn28T43CzgNMZXVjF98Hk5PkiB


Ethereum: 0x825414bE067CE7BD3d71A2283724C7e6653d1850


USDC (ERC-20): 0x7BA295b0eD0bE0f9700Ba1D55184086a7F3Ee148


USDT (ERC-20): 0xeaF6dD1d8DBcDaBff2378d1D46aCb27F63525838


Solana: 6DjBcUm64nfm3mqNibCCssZHLmtcN4FgF5tUr3XHKzq6


Doge: D7cJ2tduscxjw2N5jxqKeY9tSZTRfsRgXf


Tron: TTcPvfZZiLRVD2YvCr2etsBe4N7SL2dv6B


USDT (TRC-20): TTcPvfZZiLRVD2YvCr2etsBe4N7SL2dv6B


Cardano: addr1vxwgln3ltuve6exklpwfs8m9tk7pcr9vffafh4vm4gyxxzgncljsn


Litecoin: MNVSfDgrWbNaWja2gGWNLd9Cxdbcrt85dT


Dash: Xr1ff8Paqv9MX7EM9mcfnwiwFY18awZ3oY


Tezos: tz1P9spezhUhA24bsL6DxpDFjSWVJHEVUKqG


Enjin Coin: 0xf3d082eCbee38A5AE7899cEd203cd3aa598eAF97


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